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Tweddell Goldberg Investment Management unites the expertise of two investment professionals with a combined total of more than 50 years experience.

Unlike stockbrokers, we don't accept commissions. Instead, our business is strictly fee-only. That means we have no incentive to sell you any financial product—except to provide you with the best results possible. We specialize in investing with mutual funds, index funds, socially-responsible funds, and stocks.

At Tweddell Goldberg Investment Management we strive to make investing as profitable—and as simple—as possible for you. We think we bring the right skills and experience to that job. More



6 Tips for Picking Top Funds

The sad truth is that roughly two-thirds of all actively managed mutual funds fail to beat their benchmarks. Most investors are better off sticking with funds that simply try to mimic an index; their typically low costs give them a big edge over most actively managed funds. If you want to invest in actively run funds, you need to devote time to picking good ones. More

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